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Children's Bible Lessons
The Bible studies on this page were recorded live at several locations in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010.

It was a real blessing for us to be able to help the children, we pray that you will find these resources a blessing as well.

Bible in Thai
Use the Bible Search box in the upper right hand corner of this webpage to search the Online Thai Bible using English or Thai.

Children's Bible Lessons in Thai
(Recorded Live in Bangkok, Thailand - 2010)

God Knows the Future1. We Can Trust God - Daniel 2
Mp3 Audio Lesson
(Program Length - 26 minutes)
Free Coloring PageFree Coloring Page "Trust"

The Fiery Furnace2. The Prodigal Son
Mp3 Bible Lesson
(Program Length - 31 minutes)
Free Coloring PageFree Coloring Page "Wisdom"

The Revelation of Jesus3. The Creator
Mp3 Audio Lesson
(Program Length - 42 minutes)
Free Coloring Page Free Coloring Page "Gratitude"

God's law points to us to Jesus4. Origin of Evil
Mp3 Audio Bible Study
(Program Length - 41 minutes)
Free Coloring PageFree Coloring Page "Choose"

Teacher Lisa teaching children about their Heavenly Father who loves them!Teacher Lisa teaching the children in Bangkok Thailand about their Heavenly Father who loves them.

The children were very eager Bible students and recognized that the world was unstable and unsafe, but happily learned that they could trust Jesus.

Children are excited to learn about Jesus in Bangkok, Thailand!

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